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Workplace Consulting


A process of enquiry, research, observation and synthesis of results arriving at a Workplace Proposition. The Proposition could be building independent or building-specific depending upon client requirements and / or timing.

  • Every mission is different
  • Each study is bespoke
  • No answer is the same

Our Workplace Consultancy consistently delivers

  • Practical, realisable, strategic solutions
  • Using robust techniques
  • Providing a real insight into company culture
  • Significant first steps in the change process
  • By the highest calibre professionals

An accommodation strategy for the future

Workplace Design

We believe the workplace is a business enabler. People and property are the two biggest costs for an organisation. Our aim is to contribute to your company’s overall success by helping you to improve the performance of your people through best design of the space. People differentiate organisations. Work-styles that foster collaborative and innovative behaviour help people to leverage client relationships and increase revenues. Our workplace experts help people work smarter. We create great workplaces that enhance staff experience - a proven way to attract and retain the very best talent. 

We’ve helped organisations:

  • Improve performance by creating environments that foster innovation and collaboration
  • Increase employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention 
  • Reduce occupancy costs and space requirements
  • Increase business agility 
  • Create cultures ready to adapt to the changing nature of work and the needs of the business.
  • Adopt new behaviours that ensure the strategy is implemented successfully


Project management


The Project Brief is the single most important factor for the success of any project. We take the time to get this right and communicate it to all project actors. Our Workplace Consulting approach ensures the best means of capturing and illustrating our clients’ requirements.

All projects are inherently defined by the 3 principal dimensions of

  • Time
  • Cost
  • Quality

We focus on defining, managing, controlling and reporting on these parameters in timely and accessible ways. Our extensive experience, gathered over 40+ years in the built environment, instills clients with the confidence that their project will achieve the best outcomes.

Over recent years we have successfully managed a variety of workplace projects from 10-person 250sqm single floorplates right up to 3500-person 42,000sqm multi-floored built for purpose office buildings, both in the UK and internationally. Of course there are always challenges to budget, programme and specification but we anticipate and find ways to that optimum outcome by sitting alongside our clients and acting as the interface between the alien construction / fit out sectors and their own business.

Timely communication, expert guidance and trusted professional advice are what we deliver. We have wide experience in project managing all forms of procurement (traditional, D&B, landlord build), with all types of building services (MEP, IT infrastructure, AV, Security, Controls, Space Utilisation, etc) and in most types of buildings (historic, purpose built, spec-built, modern or old stock). 

We take pride in delivering workplace projects that exceed our clients’ expectations and would be happy to provide references upon request.

Change management

Workplace Change management focuses on ensuring an effective transition from the old workplace to the new, ensuring engagement and minimising loss in productivity. It is key to the success of any new ways of working whether the change is physical, behavioural, or in most cases a mixture of the two. As with any change within an organisation, it will be met with resistance from some employees, however people do adapt at different rates to their new workplaces. The level of resistance and the period of time they take to adapt will vary from employee to employee. 

Change Management starts at the very beginning of any project, so by engaging employees from the beginning, they will feel part of the process and will be less resistant to change. There is no one-size-fits-all change management programme. During the research phase of the workplace strategy, a roadmap will be developed based on the findings of the change appetite for each organisation. Once the new workplace has been implemented, our change management support will continue for a few months, following which we will equip your teams with the tools necessary to continue to support employees with the transition.